International Journal of Traditional Medicines


The United Nations via the World Health Organization (WHO) stated 20+ years ago that 80% of people in the world use plants as their first and often only health care. Percentages of people using traditional medicines decreases in developed countries to not insignificant levels, 40-50 percent in Germany , 42 percent in the USA , 48 percent in Australia and 49 percent in France. Thirty percent of the drugs sold worldwide contain compounds derived from plant material.


Most nations have Traditional Healers (identified in differing terms). They have learned to use plants to heal people suffering from a wide variety of ailments (yet not always successfully or without causing other problems yet that can be remedied with education). Many of them use dreams or visions for diagnosing and finding remedies for their clients. Many traditional healers which are known by many names are the indigenous people of the world, peoples of the forests, jungles, plains, deserts, islands and tundra. All of them have learned what local plants work to heal ailments.


From one region to another they have learned to heal almost every manner of ailment from cuts and bruises, ulcers, diabetes, to women’s complaints. The plants may not be the same in each location even if some are related. Methods used to diagnose an ailment vary too. A noticeable commonality of methods and plants exists amongst them.


The International Journal of Traditional Medicines aims to chronicle the spectrum of plants used by various peoples before small pockets of knowledge are absorbed into larger communities, and the diversity of knowledge about ailments for which specific  plants are effective,  is lost. is being developed to list all plants in the world, yet specific use of plants as medicines on that site is infeasible. So Traditional Healers are invited to reveal what they know and be paid for it. It will include info on combinations of plants used, and amounts. Then they or the community will be asked to supply the plants, or seeds and rooted cuttings for the world so the plants cannot be lost. ( will list active components, if they are known by science, something that few Traditional Healers know).


According to the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, global sales of herbal products totalled an estimated US$60 000 million in 2002. BuyOrSell.It will sell the products the Traditional Healers use to people who want a natural remedy. Expect the products to be mailed from the Traditional Healer to you directly, as fresh as they can be, or dried, or as extracts, or mixtures ready to be turned into teas, poultices or other remedies. Some plant materials will be sent from distribution locations.


Muhimbili University, Tanzania


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