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Health Hostel

What we can do for you, your children, spouse, family members or close friends.

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Deferential Insecurity/fears Lacks motivation/goalsParalysis Tourette'sOf 7000+
AddictionsSuicidal feelingsBullying/bullied Blindness Depressiondiseases, we
Disrespectful Petty crimes Victims of abuseDeafnessPaindeal with the
Irresponsible Pregnancy concernBored Arthritis ones dreams
Stress/angerare showing
remedies for

Pre-teen children tend to be receptive and responsive to therapies plus they are less likely to be cynical and disbelieving as older people tend to be. Everyone with health or life concerns are welcome to use our services. Our objective is to deal with such concerns in a proactive, therapeutic, remedial and preemptive manner. We use methods wrongly described as 'alternative health', usually by those who are trying to protect or justify their less than effective methods of health care and exorbitant rates. This program is part of and

Existing Health Care

We are not a mental health nor medical care provider as described by any regulatory body influenced by medical practitioners nor are we likely to join or associate with them. Definitions limited by experience, proof and belief are simply limited. Progress sometimes is made by looking into the past or a rear-view mirror.

Everyone able to treat life's concerns effectively and knowingly to gain positive results are health professionals whether or not they do it full time. We have no quarrel with the dominant, knowledgeable and fairly useful form of health care in the Western World known as the medical system, to which this author owes his life; I had failed to adequately respond to dream provided warnings.

Very few medical practitioners currently use dreams and visions as diagnostic, therapeutic and remedial tools as they did in their system's Greek origins many centuries ago. Fortunately we have on our staff a medical doctor that does. The education and logical scientific approach to make medical doctors is great but it appears it doesn't go nearly far enough due largely to the discreditation by non-believers within their midst. Those infected by that disbelief currently tend to ignore, discredit or deny the inspirational value of dreams, much to the detriment of everyone.

As a result it has allowed their success rate to slip to deadly and superstitious levels. They have since regained it slowly to only about 55%, due to letting opinions, negligence and dubious treatments and pharmaceuticals to improperly reign. Inspiration from applying dreams or visioning can increase their effectiveness to nearly 100% and would save many people from deadly or debilitating medications. Edgar Cayce showed that high a level of success using only his meditative visioning and, what was then, obscure therapies at a time when not even antibiotics existed. Yet rather than examine his methods as containing a significant benefit many medical doctors saw him as an anomaly, quack or a threat to their methods, authority and high levels of income.