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This is a Plan for the creation of an international society and nation.  It is initially headquartered in Canada in a place safe from most of the natural disasters foreseen to occur in this time (before a mountain emerges, foretold by the Creator; see Acts 1:11). More devastating yet avertable events have been foretold, namely the appearance of two threats to our world coming from the handle end of the Big Dipper, an asteroid and comet. One arrives in an intersecting orbit in 2029. We have time to develop the technology to divert it, without using nuclear force. These events or their proof of their future concern are years prior to the appearance of a long foretold land emerging from an ocean's depths.


The headquarters for the Commonwealth's Provisional Government will be used until such time that facilities are available for it in


The Real Promised Land

an as yet unknown large island in the Pacific (in the order of 4 million sqkm) foreseen to appear, in ~4 years by rising suddenly, as a result of incredibly huge earthquakes and mega-tsunamis, with at least 15 million cubic kms of ocean being suddenly displaced. (Compare that to the .03 km3 displacement of the mega-tsunami at Lituya Bay in Alaska in 1958 with its 524m high shock wave, the biggest seen in recently recorded history, however it was localized. The Fenambosy Chevron in Madagascar is evidence of a far larger tsunami yet it too is not as big as the one expected). The tsunami following the Promised Land's sudden rising from the ocean floor is a displacement 500 million times larger than in Lituya Bay. It wipes out every coastal area around the Pacific, and because it is so huge its earthquakes trigger many other massive earthquakes globally that wipe out major amounts of coastal areas around all other oceans, seas and major lakes. Some coastal inlets have been foreseen to have the tsunami height exceed 1600m. The first tsunami totally engulfs most islands and destroys all ports, businesses and homes in the areas it hits. A second one occurs later. Other people such as Gordon Scallion and Lori Toye have foreseen this event and put it on a map, but not the time. This event is not avertable or divertable, the only solution is to avoid its effects.


No construction or plant can withstand the tsunami. That initial disaster is small by comparison to the effects of subsidences that follow. The subsidences wipe out 5 nations and major portions of several others. So nations around the world must be ready to preemptively evacuate all the people, not just within their own, but also of those nations which will vanish as well as all islands which have little or no ground above 500 meters. In low lying areas the waves could inundate lands as far as 80-140km inland.


Few have ever considered a possibility of such massive help to others, in advance, however the alternative is repugnant, and a vast percentage of humanity is at direct risk. It's accepted that a substantial level of disbelief will initially go with this notice, yet several other foreseen events will confirm the validity of the statement. They are outlined in the Prints of Peace book series.


The Commonwealth of Peace (or Promised Land) is not the politically created entity known as Israel and never was, that was a land taken by bloody force each time descendants of Abraham took it. The Commonwealth has no affiliation with Israel, Zionism or its assumptive and fictional claim that Israel is a land formed by an act of God. It wasn't, it already existed.


Once it appears this large island will not be immediately open for habitation, farming or settlement of any form until it has been surveyed and a sense of its potential water resources determined as well as locations to be allocated for future parks and wildlife preserves, including natural features and recreational areas and water sources. This initial period will include installing construction camps to identify ports, create docks and rudimentary water resources; and layouts and procedures for land claims and registering them. A coordinated landing team will be permitted to install preliminary services as soon as possible. Soon after (months) the land will be open for pioneer farmers, settlers and business people. These projections are tentative and are subject to change and the plan compared to a military invasion with no enemy combatants except the mud and a terrain devoid of vegetation. (Aerial seeding of grasses, trees and shrubs and other suitable plant seeds needs to be discussed as one of the first broad-scale acts.)

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